Pelukis:Junkyo Hikari

Penerangan lukisan:This is Midorima from Kuroko No Basuke anime :P

I like him even he's weirdo~ maybe because he and me have chemis~ XDDD ahaha

I draw this for my interview at UiTM Shah Alam last year (December) but today when I check the result.. I'm very sad.. I thought they accept me in animation ahaha XDD

I know my drawing was so bad.. ahaha..

btw this sketch I didn't show it when I go to that interview last month ahahaha XDD

pray for me okie.. I need to continue my study!! hehe

sorry I just want to share my story actually and the explanation of my sketch only about weirdo midorima :P

Link ke Blog: http://misakipureblood.blogspot.com/


  1. nice..setiap lukisan pasti ada cerita tersendiri.. :)

    1. :e owh yeah.. thanks Azwar ^__^
      malu lah plak.... ahaha

      Thanks 100 Pelukis :L

  2. Salam singgah sini...pelukis yang hebat...cute...:D


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