2014 is coming

With this,I have post 200 entry here.Yeah,congratulation to me.The year 2014 is coming near and my blog will become older by time,but not me,I am young as ever haha.

 I want to thanks with all my heart to all the contributors,fans...(now do I have any fan at all?),followers,friends,visitors,my cat and anybody who I fail to mention for supporting my blog.I hope 2014 will bring more success in our life......and for me to find the dearest love that still not come yet....I`m tired of waiting hehe ;)

 If I can write all the name to show my appreciation,I will but I`m too lazy...even to write my own name.....I also want to apologize to all of you if I have broken your heart with my sweet promise that I never fulfill.Dont worry,I will promise again...and please dont write in your diary anything bad about me....

 Well for next year I would like to have more people who love to draw to join this blog and share their drawing here,I would add link to your blog under the drawing too.I am open for criticism as long as it nice and not insulting.Keep it simple,keep it nice,this blog is just for fun only.I like to draw but love to watch other people drawing.

Any suggestion are welcome and again,thanks for everything,especially for taking your time to read this :)